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The MS Hug, not the kinda love you want

"An MS hug, which people also refer to as banding or girdling, is a feeling of pressure around the chest or abdomen. The specific feeling...

Homebound after Hospital

After my diagnosis, I made sure to take moments alone at the hospital to learn and research EVERY single thing I could. I learned what...

The Dreaded Diagnosis Day

After the lovely spinal tap, I waited with bated breath for what seemed like forever that day. Two Neurologists (mine and I believe...

Initial Neurologist Woes

Guys, I honestly did not know where to begin. I was grabbing at straws, researching neurologists, and praying someone decent took my...

How I Was Diagnosed

I am an event planner by craft. I am always on the go, with two little boys and a household to run. After working a 10-hour day in...

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